Kyle Waggoner

Owner / Head Guide


We here at Wind River Wingshooting pride ourselves on the best wild upland hunting in the USA.  We hunt behind hard charging dogs and will be a joy for any customer to watch.  We hunt only private and public lands that holds the most wild - pheasant, quail, chukar and four species of grouse " Sage, Blue, Ruffed and Sharptail."  We also have some fantastic property in Southwestern NE to hunt the elusive Prairie Chicken.  

We have without question the best Sage Grouse hunting in the United States.  It is only a 16 day season.  Please book early !!!

We take great pride in giving hunters there best experience in the field they have ever had.  

So if you like walking and shooting wild birds over great dogs ? Than gives us a call.  We are the guide service for you !!

Thank you,

Kyle Waggoner